March 15, 2018

Casta Diva Group (CDG:IM), a multinational company active in the field of communication, listed on the AIM Italia stock market, announces the entry into the team of Francesco Paolo Conticello as Head of Communication & External Relations.

Conticello, who will report directly to the CEO Andrea De Micheli, will oversee the creative team and the working groups on the clients, and will be responsible for corporate communication of the brand, of the product, of the digital environment of the Holding Company and all its subsidiaries.

Forty-eight years old, from Rome, a graduate in Law with a specialisation in Information Technologies, Conticello boasts twenty years’ experience in the context of corporate communication in companies such as: WWF International, Methodos S.p.A, Group Aleteia – Hdrà, Next Group, to name just a few.

“Our company offers its clients consulting and implementation of complex communication projects”, affirm Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo, respectively CEO and President of Casta Diva Group. “The arrival of Francesco Paolo Conticello will allow us to strategically structure the communication projects for the Clients of the Group and its subsidiaries, which will be able to strengthen our positioning”, the two executives state in conclusion.

“Managing the communication of a company like Casta Diva Group, present in 11 countries around the globe, as well as its clients’ projects, will give me the opportunity to apply the full panorama of the experience acquired over the years, working with different cultures and contexts, alongside international professionals. Working together with the team that will support me, I will also contribute to the commercial expansion of the company.
I am grateful to Luca Oddo and Andrea De Micheli for the responsibility that they have entrusted to me”,
stated Conticello.

The company also communicates that it shall assume direct responsibility for the management of Monaco Growth Forums, Gianluigi Rossi, already a member of the Board of Directors of Casta Diva Group, shall replace Andreea Porcelli in the role of CEO of Monaco Growth Forums.