NCAwards: Casta Diva Group is the
Best Production Company

May 16, 2016

Casta Diva Group, the pocket-sized multinational in communication, has chalked up yet another victory after the world famous ‘Hearing Hands’.

At the NC Awards the spot “One smile is enough to change our world”, produced by Casta Diva Group’s Turkish branch Dinamo Istanbul, took home the Gold in the Social Media Communication category as well as in Events, and crowned Casta Diva Group as Best Production Company for the second year running. This year’s award was for a video made for EÇADEM, a Turkish non-governmental organisation providing assistance to disabled children.

The aim of the film was to change the way society views and interacts with children and young people with Down syndrome, and to promote the Support Centre for Disabled Children (EÇADEM).

The objectives were reached in just a few days: more than 8.5 million views on Facebook, 215,000 shares, EÇADEM volunteers rose by 150% and visits to their website increased 1600%, all for an outlay of €500 (of which €150 was spent on seeding).

After only three weeks of prep time, the film was shot with hidden cameras and without actors, though with the cooperation of families with disabled children.

The film tells of a letter written by the mother of Tufan, the fourteen-year-old disabled hero of the video, which she arranges in a city park to have delivered to bystanders, who are unaware of being filmed: “Please don’t look at my son with pity; all he needs is a smile to be happy.”

The natural and spontaneous reactions to the letter are exceptionally moving , but also result in wonderful and generous smiles directed to Tufan.

Many people contributed to the immense success of the project. Direction was by writer and filmmaker Kuntay Alpman, who also made Samsung’s celebrated ‘Hearing Hands’, and the entire Casta Diva Group crew worked for no fee. Well-known Turkish actress Özge Borak provided the voice over and the music was composed by Burak Ekinil.
The spot went online on Facebook of 3rd December 2015, the international day for the disabled.

”The numerous awards which our company is winning every year,” declare Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo, respectively CEO and President of Casta Diva Group, “confirm the premium quality of the service we offer our clients and contribute to our position as a key player in the sectors of branded content, entertainment and live communication.”