February 7, 2018

Casta Diva Group, a multinational company active in the field of communication, listed on the AIM Italia stock market, announces that its subsidiary Casta Diva Pictures Libano enters into the world of TV series with an investment of 250,000 dollars. The investment will be borne entirely by the company without intervention from the banking channel, thanks to the production of free cash flow from 2017.

CDP Beirut participates with other local investors in the realisation of a new TV series that provides an overall budget with total costs of 550,000 dollars and revenues just for 2018 of 1.277 million dollars. The commitment, indirect, by CDG (which participates in the share capital of Casta Diva Pictures Libano with a share equal to 50.1%) is therefore equal to about $ 125,000, the relative expected revenue for CDG just for 2018 is more than double that figure. The TV series will be realised in the months of April, May and June and it will be aired September, 2018.

The project is called “AWAKE” and it is a frenetic yet elegant family drama, which revolves around the story of the main character, Dana, a thirty-year-old Lebanese woman who awakens after twelve years of coma to find her parents separated, her two sisters who have since become adults, her boyfriend married and the Master thesis that she created with a university companion having become a veritable advertising agency. Soon the secrets surrounding her coma are revealed and she must once again face her past and make difficult choices for her future. AWAKE is intended for an audience aged between 25 and 60+ and it is estimated that each episode will be seen on the national TV channel by an average of 400,000 people. The plan foresees a first season of 15 episodes and the production and transmission of four/five subsequent seasons, even with the possibility of transforming it into a film.

Casta Diva Pictures Libano has decided to invest in a particularly favourable moment for the television industry in Lebanon: According to Ipsos and Nielsen, in fact, total revenues of advertising linked to world of Lebanese TV have increased by 5.8% in 2016 compared to 2015, going from 1.32 billion dollars to 1.40 billion dollars. More and more people prefer watching movies on-demand, in streaming or Blu-ray and therefore, television networks are producing a greater number of successful programmes that are accessible from home.