Egg Events and the charge of the 4000

October 17, 2014

Yesterday at Bologna’s Unipol Arena saw 4000 subagents and producers of the official social network of UnipolSai Assicurazioni, Italy’s leading insurance company, take part in the ‘GoWin’ contest. A flawless mix of technology, music and performance made the event a unique and unforgettable occasion, which got off to a dazzling start with a deluge of SMS messages exchanged by all 4000 participants which were projected on to an imposing video wall, sending an emotional buzz throughout the auditorium. Suddenly, in the darkness of the hall and from different places among the audience, the high voice of a soprano, followed by a contralto and three baritones, surprised the participants and introduced a chorus of thirty singers who signalled the opening of the convention with their harmonies.
On the 36 x 11 metre video wall, 3D images and graphics with a high visual impact were projected. “With Us” was the leitmotiv of the event, highlighting a sense of unity and belonging, represented throughout the meeting from the contributions of the speakers to the moments of entertainment. Calling the shots on the gigantic 500sqm stage were Marco Maccarini and Virginia Raffaele – who introduced the speakers, involved the audience and hosted the awards ceremony.
Athletes from Aeros, the Romanian Federation of Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, treated participants to their perfectly executed acrobatic performance embodying the strength and synergy of team spirit. The Piazza Vittorio Orchestra, led by Mario Tronchi, played a medley which went far beyond the confines of musical genres, representing the musical vision of a group that draws its strength from the very differences in its make up. The grand finale featured an exceptional guest star: Elisa and her band.
“Wonderful! it’s no longer afternoon in here!” she called out from the stage when in sudden unison the entire audience waved 4000 coloured lights, creating the effect of a starry sky.
“For us this event represented a month and a half of intense preparation and stimulation, and in the end enormous satisfaction,” said Valentina Saluzzi, Partner and Executive Producer of Egg Events, the agency that designed and produced the event. “It was a production involving large numbers, both in artistic choices and logistical challenges, succeeding thanks to the dedicated efforts of a splendid team of professionals who gave 101%.”