Egg Events and the Perfetti epic:
1200 sales people gathered in Milan

February 9, 2015

Friday, January 30, through a major logistics operation, 1200 sales people from all over Italy gathered in Milan’s Ice Palace to attend the annual convention “Interstellar”.
Egg Events transformed the location into a huge spaceship and transported the audience into unexplored worlds and scenarios.
Interstellar was the story of an epic journey to discover a galaxy of opportunities emaneting from the planets of Perfetti Van Melle; during the trip the management presented to the audience a world of surprises.
The intergalactic journey came to life thanks to the integration of artistic direction, stage design and evocative videos which were enhanced by being projected onto a 30×6-metre screen. The story was divided into three chapters (attack, resistance and new world):  meteors rained down on stage, galactic battles echoed across the set and the spacecraft landed spectacularly on the new world, all symbolizing new product launches.
Dramatic turns of events and special effects gripped the audience’s attention, culminat