Manuela Micheli is the
new account manager
in Casta Diva Group

April 11, 2013

After the positive experience in Egg Events, Manuela Micheli is the new account manager in Casta Diva Group.
Manuela keeps the customers responsibility to Egg Events, but it also assumes that the customers of Casta Diva Pictures and Bin Jip.

She will expande the range of companies and institutions, relying on Casta Diva Group, will be able to obtain integrated projects and 360 °, thanks to the production and experience in the production of the spot , the events marked Egg Events and digital project designed and developed by Bin Jip.

“Manu was invaluable for Egg Events,” say Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo, respectively CEO and President of Casta Diva Group. “Today’s customers want 360° projects, Casta Diva Group is perfectly able to offer them and it appeared logical to concentrate in her hands the whole range of services, from commercials, digital, investments in film, thanks the tax credit, to product placement in movies and TV shows. ”

“For me, this position is a great honor as well as a vision in which I really believe,” said Manuela “Thanks to the synergy that pervades the whole group, we have the opportunity to provide customers with a comprehensive and practical able to generate projects fluids, perfectly in line with the current state of economic and technological”